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Youth Revival Gospel Prayer Band

May all grace, peace and blessing accrue on your account through the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts to all those who through fervent prayer and liberal financial support, supported our Ministry through out the year. Let us pray that God would be guiding us in the days to come. May the grace of God take up sovereign care upon us all. Our loving greetings for the entire year to all of you, once again.

In Missionary Service
Rev. Dr. Ravi Selvaraj & Family
and co-members in the ministry.

For your urgent prayer needs
     Mob (India): 0091-94432-82252 (or) 0091-9488612252
Mob  (Oman):00968-92380572

Email: drravi_inhim@hotmail.com (or) drravi_inhim@yahoo.com (or) drravinhim@gmail.com
Very special prayers will be raised into God's presence for you.